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Flow Reports will make it easier and faster to work with:

  • - marketing reports
  • - end-to-end analytics
  • - data export and import

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Automated Data Collection

Flow Reports gathers all data from various sources into one workspace accessible to an entire team. Metrics are updated automatically and can be formed into a ready-made report at the desired time. All you need to do is configure the data refresh frequency and the time when the report should be compiled.

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Collect all your data in one place

Flow Reports works with all popular data sources. Connecting them will take just a few minutes. If we don't have integration with the data source you need, contact our technical support, and we will address the issue.

Simplify data management

With Flow Reports, you won't have to handle data manually. The service will group, clean, and match the data automatically. You only need to set up the data processing logic once.

Store data in a convenient format

Data export is available in any format you require: Google or Excel sheets, databases, or cloud storage. If the desired format is not available, reach out to our support team, and we'll assist you with the matter.

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Max Boudreau
Head of analytics

We learned about Flow Reports from our partners and have been actively using it since 2021. During this time, the service has helped to save a lot of time on compiling reports for both specialists within the company and for our customers. The functionality has greatly expanded during the partnership, Flow Reports support listens to the wishes for updates and always tries to answer questions promptly.

I can recommend the service to anyone who needs a "no-code" solution for building marketing reports.

Mitch Hobbs
Head of Digital Marketing

Flow Reports has become a convenient tool for us to automate reporting and for adhoc data research. We have configured the data collection and processing for the “Paid Channels” dashboard in all the slices we need and visualized it in Data Studio.

What in Flow Reports turned out to be very convenient for use in digital marketing department:

a) Everything that a specialist used to do regularly - filtering, grouping, segmentation and data aggregation - is now configured in Flow Reports schemes, automated and does not require manual intervention.

b) We evaluated how Flow Reports solved the problem of bringing different date formats from different uploads, now we are bringing all the dates to the format we have adopted.

c) We process large files that other tools cannot handle.

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